How to Stay Healthy  and Safe On The Rotary Trip

It is a physical hardship to do this trip and you have to take care of yourself on the trip.  We are up at 6:30 am every morning, busy and active all day and we are in extremes of temperature, and conditions.   On the Western Trip we face desert, rain, mountains, white water, big cities, -5C to 50C temperature variations.  On the Eastern Trip cold winds, rain, snow, and changing weather.

Follow These Rules:


Get some sleep:  Don't stay up all night, you will get sick. Get plenty of rest.  8 Hours is best.  If you sleep at night you can enjoy the cool stuff we'll see on the trip.


You Must Have A 2 Liter Water Bottle On The Western Trip, 1 liter on Disney and Eastern

Really Cheap

Top of the Line

Relatively cheap

Drink 2+liters of water a day, more in Desert Conditions: If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Drink .

On The Eastern Trip you have to drink too.  Dehydration makes you feel ill and susceptible to disease.


Let us know if a roommate is in trouble:  If your friend or roommate is sick, dehydrated, not eating,  depressed, or just unhappy, tell a chaperone and let us address the issue.  You might save their life.


Let us know if you are sick:  Don't be macho, or stupid. If you are sick let us know so we can look out for you and take care of you if you are really sick.  We carry a first aid kit on each bus to deal with minor illnesses and cuts.


Eat Healthy


EAT:  Don't starve yourself.  I eat like a horse on these trips and still lose weight. We are extremely active and you need fuel to move.  Eat fruit, whole grains, protein, and drink milk and fruit juices.  Don't starve yourself. You will get sick. Throw some nuts, dried fruit and snacks in your backpack and if you feel hungry snack.  We will also be around a variety of restaurants and usually a supermarket where you can get healthy food.


If you get wet, change into dry clothes: We may encounter rain and snow on the Trips. Keep dry and warm.  BRING A RAINCOAT OR PONCHO!!!!

Watch Out For The Sun

USE SUNSCREEN: The sun in the American West and the south is intense and I once got sun poisoning from spending 40 minutes in a parking lot without a hat on the first day of the trip. My Latina daughter fries in the mountains.  Minumum of 30 SPF, 100 if you have a fair complexion.


Important Clothes to Pack on the Trip

Duffel is best for Bus Space.

Suitcase is good

Backpack for on the Bus and plane

Low Rent Backpack, OK too

Best on Western

Good on All

Best on Eastern

Good for All

Hats are pretty important and can keep you from getting sun stroke, or burned.



Take Layers of these for warmth and rain.

Layers are good because you can add them when you are cold and take them off when you are hot.  On exceptionally cold days you could wear 3 t-shirts, a sweater, hooded sweatshirt and windbreaker at the same time and be pretty warm.  On the Eastern Trip I would bring gloves and a scarf.

OK for Western


Great for All

Best on All

Shoes Are Important, take sturdy ones.

Not Good

Not Good

Not Good

Things to carry in your backpack


Inhalers for Asthmatics

Pain relievers

Stomach medicine

To follow where you are going.  

Bring your own music


Cell Phone if you have one

Don't Forget Your Camera.

A journal or notebook

a Pen

A marker for autographs

Something to read

Healthy Snacks

Suntan Lotion


These are items which will make your trip more fun for you.