Rules are strictly enforced!


Smoking: This is a non-smoking trip. Smoking is not permitted in hotels, hotel rooms, buses, or within 50 meters of the hotels or buses.  Because of a serious fire hazard, no smoking is allowed in the National Parks, on hiking trails, or in the parking lots of National Parks.   Most Americans find smoking offensive and teenage smoking is illegal in every U.S. State for people under the age of 18.  In many states smoking is illegal for people under the age of 19.  In some states anti-smoking laws are strictly enforced and students can be arrested for trying to purchase or use tobacco products.   We always request non-smoking rules and if a student smokes in a room and the tour is charged to clean the rooms it is the responsibility of the students to pay that charge.  Sometimes over $500.

Behavior in American National Memorials and Parks:  Students are to not display their flags in the national monuments, especially War Memorials.  Students are forbidden to write on the U.S. National Flag.  This is against Federal Law and can result in arrest, fines and being expelled from the United States.  Students are expected to treat National Monuments and our National Parks with respect.  Do not place graffiti or damage parks in any way.  Also you are not permitted to take rocks, follows or animals from national parks.  You also can no interfere, feed or harrass animals in anyway in the National Parks. 

Drugs and Alcohol:  Drug use or drug possession is a felony crime in all American states, and being caught will result in long jail sentences. The drinking age in all American states is 21 years of age and under-age possession and consumption of all alcoholic beverages (including beer, wine, and liquor) is considered a crime.  Any tour participant who is arrested for any reason will have to find their own attorney and will become the responsibility of their home and host Rotary Club. We will not delay or alter this trip for anyone who is arrested; the tour will continue on without you. If for some reason a chaperone must stay behind with you, the student is responsible for reimbursing the chaperone for any exrta expense.  Anyone reported using drugs or anyone participating in illegal activities on the tour will be sent home at their own expense, with no refund for unused portion.  Drinking alcoholic beverages and using illegal narcotics by Rotary Exchange students is strictly prohibited.   Any student caught using purchasing alcohol on the trip will be sent home at their own expense.

False Identifications:  There is no reason to have a phony ID on the trip.  Possession of one is illegal and can get you arrested.

Sexual Activity:  The rules of Rotary Exchange prohibit dating and sexual activity while on Rotary exchange.  This trip is part of your Rotary Exchange and because of this sex activity by the students is prohibited on this trip.  Tour leaders will define what is sexual activity.  Boys are not allowed in girls' rooms, and girls are not allowed in boys' rooms after 10:00 pm for any reason. This may result in expulsion from the tour. You can be sent home at your own expense

Public Nudity: Any student who participates in public nudity, with by themselves or in connection with others will be subject to being  terminating from any trip.  This especially applies to students to photograph and published said photograph on social media.  

Disruptive Behavior: You can be sent home at your own expense if you are a major discipline problem  in the opinion of the tour leadership.  Any student who consistently disrupts the trip through behavior which is disrespectful of tour leadership; against Rotary or Trip rules and procedures.  These include, but are not limited to; Not speaking English. Disregarding chaperones or group leaders instructions.  Being chronically late for the bus and events (Chronic lateness means being later than instructed to more than 3 times).  Purposefully creating an atmosphere of negativity towards any chaperone or student (for example, because you did not like a student or chaperones you spread rumors against that person).  Racist or violent behavior towards another student or chaperone. Consistently being out of your room after 10:00pm curfew if once warned not to do it again.

Being On Time:  We are traveling a great distance and seeing a great number of places.  On travel days this requires early departures and tight schedules. Wake up will be 6:00am and you are required to be on the bus at 7:15 am.  Between those times you will be required to dress, pack your bags and eat breakfast.  Departure will be at 7:30 a.m. sharp.  Being on time is critical.  Each night you will be given the schedule for the next day. If we leave late we will have to delete items from the itinerary and your coach will miss out on some tour elements.  When tour leadership instructs you to get on the bus or return to your room do so without delay.   

Rooming Rules: I will allow the Leaders and Chaperones of this trip to enter my room without notification and inspect my room, any of my luggage and personal belongings.   I understand illegal substances like drugs will be turned over to local law enforcement authorities. If drugs or alcohol are found in rooms, all room occupants are liable for criminal prosecution or being sent home at our own expense with no refund.  You must be quiet and in my room by 10:00pm.  There is no excuse for being out of your room after 10:00pm.  If I am caught out of my room after 10:00pm I understand I am subject to punishment.   Hotel Rules:  As hotels have other guests, noise is not allowed after 10 p.m. Tour participants MUST be out of the public areas at 10 p.m. Running or yelling in the hotels will not be tolerated at any time of the day.  No bedding or hotel property is to be taken from the hotels.   There will be no yelling, loud talking, or congregation in the hallways and parking lots of hotels.  

Boys shall not go into girl's rooms and Girls shall not go into boy's rooms alone.  There must be at least 3 or 4 people if both sexes in room. 

Itinerary Changes: The tour leaders reserve the right to change or delete tour elements without notice.  I understand that delays because of student tardiness  or punishment may result in tour itinerary elements being dropped.

Respectful Behavior:  Tour participants are required to act respectfully towards Tour Leaders, Chaperones and Team Leaders and other students.  Respectful behavior is interpreted as obeying the requests of tour leadership, not saying unpleasant things to or about tour leadership or other students on the trip, not doing anything which makes the tour an unpleasant experience for tour leadership or other students on the tours. 

Punishment:  Violation of the above rules means that you should expect to be punished. Punishment may include be expelled from the tour without refund.  It can also mean you will be required to perform certain punishment tasks such as is determined by tour leadership.  It may also mean that you may be excluded from tour activity.  If you are expelled from the tour you will be required to pay for your own transportation to your host Rotary city and receive no refund for any portion of the tour.  Tour Leadership reserves the right to determine or alter punishment.

Trip Report:  A trip report is written at the end of each trip which will spell out students who have violated the rules.  A copy of this report will be sent to your District Officers and may be sent the Youth Exchange committee in your district in your home country. Students violating rules will have their District Chairs notified right after the violation by text or email.

Bus Rules:  Students are not allowed to stand on buses except to change seats.  Students must also keep the buses clean and be respectful of the bus drivers.

Parties:  No parties, unless authorized by tour leadership are permitted on tour.

Musical Instruments:  No musical instruments and speakers can be brought on the tour.  Music on the buses is restricted to headphones (no speakers). 

Room Punishment:  If a student commits a rule violation, it is his or her room mate's duty to report that violation and or the entire room may share the punishment.

Tour Admission: I understand that MMI and the Ohio-Erie Rotary Multi-District trip committee reserves the right to refuse students membership on the tour for any reason.

All other Rotary Rules are in effect during this trip. 

Safety and Common Sense Rules 

Two Meter From Edge : All exchange students need to stay 2 meters (6 feet) away from the edge at unprotected edges, cliffs, and areas on the trip such as the Rim on the Grand Canyon.  Taking dangerous chances with your own or other student's lives can result in punishment or you not being allowed to go to other places which have these potential problems. In extreme cases it can mean you will be expelled from the tour.. 

4 Together During Freetime: During Free Time in major cities it is much safer to stay in groups of 4 or more.  Not being in these groups may mean you have to stay with chaperones during free time.