Rotary Adventure Packing Guide



A suggested packing list for you.  Put your name on EVERYTHING you bring since the group is so large. 

If possible, try to bring enough clothes so you won't have to stop and do laundry; light t-shirts, socks, etc. can be hand-washed in your hotel sink.    The weather may vary, expect snow, it also could be warm. . You can dress in layers. T-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers and sweaters are great for this. You can peel things off or add things as you need.

Bring your passport If you want to sleep and rest on the bus, bring your own small pillow WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY STEALING OF PILLOWS OR TOWELS FROM THE HOTELS! 

Bring prescription medicines in their original containers with the label showing the name of the drug.   Be sure to bring enough aspirin/pain reliever/Ben Gay for two weeks.   Day Pack:  To keep all your belongings together on the trip, we suggest a small backpack (often called a day pack); You can keep your phone,  water bottle, sunscreen, camera, film, etc. inside, and easily carry it on the hikes. 


Drinking water is very important on the western  trip.  Be sure to bring a refillable 2-liter water canteen/sports bottle with you.  Fill it while traveling, and in the hotel room each morning before we leave for each day's adventures! You can buy one at an Army Surplus or Dollar Store for under $5.  On Western Trip - YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE HIKES WITHOUT A 2-liter WATER BOTTLE.


There are baggage weight limitations of a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kilograms).  Also bags can't be bigger than 62 linear inches (Length + Width + Thickness). 


ON FLORIDA TRIP: Duffle or other squish-able suitcase because of limited space.


MOST airlines charge for checked luggage

Put $50 in a place to pay this.  Or you will have to leave your bag behind.  



Back Pack


Duffle Bag/Suitcase


Medical Kit


Music player/phone




aspirin/pain reliever


emergency phone numbers


Sweatshirt (hooded better)




Money  ($400 West, $300 East, $200 Florida)




hygiene products


phrase/guide books


Shorts  (Western Trip)


medical insurance info


small flashlight




spare eye glasses/contacts


sun hat/bandana/ball cap


alarm clock






bathing suit


comb/hair brush


Sunscreen lotion


Comfortable Walking shoes


shampoo, pack in plastic bag.


trading pins




shaving supplies


2-Liter Water bottle or canteen (Smaller bottle for east & Florida)


Hat Warm


stomach remedies

(pepto=bismol or similar.


business cards


pajamas/sleeping clothes


 inhalers if needed


camera/Large Memory Card






camera batteries




 Analgesic Rub (Ben Gay)


Make Up




 Ace or other Elastic bandage






 Motion Sickness Medicine (Bonine)




T shirts/tops/shirts




small backpack






small pillow for bus


Water Shoes (Western Trip)






Shorts (Western Trip, Florida)




prescription medicine