Flying Instructions For

Rotary Exchange Students on the

Western Adventure


First of All WEAR SOMETHING WITH A ROTARY SYMBOL ON IT.  A district or club t-shirt is great.

Checking In at the Airport.

Please check your flight schedule 24 hours before departure and get to the airport AT LEAST 2 hours before flight time. Longer if you are going from a major hub airport like Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, or Newark (2.5 hours). 

Check in right away, you don't need to wait for anyone.  Go up to the airline counter, give them your Confirmation Number and your  Passport for identification (give it to a chaperone when you get to Phoenix).  Check your bags. If your suitcase weighs more than 50 lbs. (22 kilograms) you will have to pay at least $5 a pound penalty, so pack light. You are allowed one suitcase and one backpack on our trip. We URGE you to take a duffle bag instead of a hard sided suitcase, but if you don't have one use your suitcase. Remember you have to carry it.

Put medicine, a packed lunch and a spare set of underwear and a t-shirt in your backpack (in case your suitcase is lost). DO NOT PACK YOUR PASSPORT.  Check in can be done at kiosk at some airports.  You will need your Confirmation (or Record Locator) Number to get your boarding pass.

Getting Through Security

Transportation Security Agency has a great website to give you specific detailed information:

Put your bags through security right after check in. If you have sharp scissors, a knife, a lighter or any sharp or forbidden items and don't know if they are allowed,  See TSA list   You will probably be asked to remove your shoes, so I would wear shoes which are easy to take off.  Put all metal objects, cell phones, metal belt buckles, and anything which might set off their metal detectors in your backpack.  It will make going through screening much quicker. 


Finding Your Gate and Waiting for the Flights

After going through security, go straight to your gate (you can find your gate on your boarding pass and on monitors in the airport).  Don't go shopping, go straight to your gate and wait for the flight. Check frequently to see if you gate has changed.  If it has go straight to the new gate.  STAY ALERT.


If Your Flight Has Been Delayed or is Cancelled

If your flight has been cancelled go straight to the desk at the gate and wait until they have fixed your problem.  Don't leave the gate until you get it fixed.  Tell them you are meeting a tour in Phoenix and you must be there.  Be polite, but don't back down, urge them to fix your problem right away.  Be persistent. If you are going to be very late tell them you can meet the tour in Flagstaff, Arizona later that evening.  Call Bill at 614-517-7702614-517-7702 and leave a message with the flights you will be on. 


Changing Planes on Connection Airports

Most Hub airports are huge and forbidding.  In rare cases you will have to go from one terminal to another.  Look at the monitors in the airport.  If you have a question ask someone from your airline.  When you get off the plane, look up you new gate and RUSH to the new gate (connection times are tight on all flights).  Get to the gate, and keep an eye on gate changes and delays. Don't waste time shopping or goofing around.   In Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Dallas it doesn't take longer than 20 minutes to get to your gates, even at the farthest gate from your arrival point.  


Arriving in Phoenix

Meeting at the Airport:  It will be easy to find us at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. .  There should be a chaperone to meet you at your baggage claim area and then take you to meet the group. DO NOT WASTE TIME, GO FROM YOUR GATE DIRECTLY TO BAGGAGE CLAIM.  Do not make the group wait for you.  

Learn these handsome faces.  They should have a sign/  There are four terminals in Phoenix.  We are arriving at 3 of them.  IF THERE IS NO CHAPERONE AT THE BAGGAGE CLAIM, WAIT FOR ONE TO COME AND GET YOU .   We have 3 Terminals and 2 Chaperones.  We may send a team leader to get you.


We or a team leader will be holding up a big Rotary Sign with Western Adventure on it. 

Bill McMurray


That person will direct you to get your bags and tell you where to go.

 Here is a map of the airport with locations of the terminals..   

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has two sets of gate numbers: Gates 1-13, including 6A and 6B; and Gates C-D. It serves  United Airlines.

Terminal 3

With more than 20 gates, Terminal 3 serves passengers for Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Northwest/KLM, , , JetBlue Airways.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is the airport's largest terminal. Made up of eight linked blocks, it has a main central building and seven airside lounges. With more than 80 gates, the terminal serves passengers for   Southwest Airlines, American Airlines

Important Additional Information

THERE IS NOT FOOD ON FLIGHTS AND IN THE BAGGAGE CLAIM.  Once you leave the secure part of the terminal you can't eat, so bring a sandwich, some snacks and fruit or some other food in you back pack so you have something to eat. Some of you might have to wait  for a couple of hours so get comfortable. There will be plenty of exchange students to meet to kill the time.

List of Permitted and Forbidden Items from the Transportation Security Agency